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T3 Studios

Full Stack Studio

T3 PLAY is building a gaming launcher and platform focused on interoperability between every game listed. 
There will also be a shared marketplace, shared token, and social zone for connecting with games and gamers alike!

Gaming Platform (Coming soon)

A better way to play...

Our Games

In 2087 there is an ongoing war between Defenders and X-ions. The game focuses on Xanite extraction, the energy source both species rely on for everything!


Flight Force 4

Poly Gunnerz is a fun, low poly, community based shooter with a focus on custom community characters, unique assets, cross community tournaments and more!


Poly Gunnerz

Space Kartz is a fun low poly game similar to Mario Kart. Like Poly Gunnerz, there is a huge focus on onboarding communities with lots of custom assets!


Space Kartz

T3 PLAY is a studio and platform that creates games, animations, cinematics, AAA 3D models, specializing in Unreal Engine 5 and web3 integrations!

About us

If you are looking for a way to get involved in T3 PLAY and everything we are building, that comes with some nice benefits we have a lot on offer including our Series A NFTs, as well as many other future opportunities including our $T3P platform token!

Series A NFTs

We are hiring and looking to expand our team in the following areas - Animations, 3D modeling, cinematics, web3 integration, A.I integrations, Gaming Devs specifically experienced in Unreal Engine 5 and C++

Work with us

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